Tamika Hogan

A self-taught landscape artist, Tamika Hogan specialises in capturing our magnificent Australian coastlines, selling her work to collectors world-wide.

Working from her home studio Tamika flows between her roles of a full time mother and nocturnal artist. Often painting during nap times or late at night while the world sleeps.

As a surfer and keen explorer, it’s no wonder that the Australian landscape has become an endless source of inspiration to her practice. From days spent surfing and exploring remote pockets of the coast, to quiet evenings beside a campfire, it’s her passion and connection to the natural world that she really strives to encapsulate throughout her work.

“In many ways my work has become a gallery of recollections, reminiscent of a simple life spent close to country.  If it inspires you to pause for a moment and revel in the simple beauty of our natural word, then I have succeeded as an artist.”

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