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Celebrating geraldine maddrell & her art!

Celebrating Geraldine Maddrell and her Art!

Geraldine has provided six extra-large artworks, which are a prominent feature at the front of the Studio. We are so happy that she has this exhibition, as she has assisted with all of the other artists’ exhibitions but has not had one herself!

Her abstract style is bold and confident with a love of colour, so we knew this would make for a great combination once she moved to larger canvasses. Her extra-large paintings like ‘Avignon’, which the buyer took to Alice Springs to feature in a new building are masterful and layered abstracts. These large artworks make a room and are also affordable at $2,500 to $3,500.

Geraldine is the co-founder of the Studio and sister of Jennifer Gherardi, the Studio’s owner.

For the first year after the Studio opened in 2020, she drove from Perth every weekend to assist, later reducing her visits to undertake a Mastery Art Program. She was already painting with great feeling and freedom, but this dedication for 18 months has solidified her transition to being a full-time artist.

 Although residing in Perth, Geraldine is very much part of our Margaret River arts community, and she freely supports our artists and offers excellent advice on our art supplies.

We have named the exhibition ‘Celebrating Geraldine Maddrell and her Art’ and we thank her for being Geraldine, who always sparks up the Studio when she is here.

recent exhibitions

October 2022

Watercolour artist Veritas celebrating new work at the studio.

Margaret River Open Studio Event

Two of our well known artists participated from our own Studio for the MROS event.

Below are their introductions.

Susan Hood

Nature and bird expert artist Susan has produced an impressive collection of high quality art. In the past, she has cared for injured birds and this has led to a very detailed study of them. Susan has travelled many roads in Australia and the South West of WA has fortunately been her choice of abode for many years. She is often seen on a Thursday painting as an artist in residence at Margaret River Art Studio.

Her deep knowledge of nature and art is a treasure that she generously shares with other artists and all the visitors who come to the Studio.

Susan Hood

Chris Williamson

This body of work curated for Open Studios presents illustrations by Chris which ignite our collective imagination and employ chiaroscuro to deliver compelling and dramatic narratives.

Chris’s drawings illuminate long-forgotten memories and shine a light on childhood, times past, family and friends. This year he will be including several small sculptural assemblages containing found objects. These tactile ‘memory boxes’ are each a remembrance of things, because objects have stories.

Chris Williamson

A Recent exhibition BY DEA HADDOW

Latest Additions

SOLD>>> the most recent addition to the Studio, The Second Law of Attraction by Dawn Brittain (pictured)

landscape with rocks and water
Misty Morning by Stephen Hewitt