Australian freight

The freight is a flat rate and it will depend on the size of the art. You don’t need to remember this because when you insert your address it will auto-calculate in the Shopping CART.

But for your information here are the rates by size and state.

Each artwork shows the size on the shopping page.

Freight – INCUDES  Packing, Handling, Insurance and Freight

                                                              Perth                   WA                 NSW, ACT, VIC, SA, NT, TAS, QLD            

Small                                                   $60                    100                  150                  

Medium                                             $80                    150                  300                

Large                                                  $100                  200                  400                

Extra Large                                    $120                   300                  500                

shipping worldwide

Yes, we can ship worldwide. Please contact us by email and we will get you a quote within 24 hours.


We will reserve your selected artwork during this time until you confirm your acceptance. Once payment is made by direct deposit, we will send it to you.

For larger items, you may want a quote for faster air freight vs slow boat freight (cheaper).